Training from other universities

Research Data Management GRAD 521

Oregon State University

Careful examination of all aspects of research data management best practices. Designed to prepare students to exceed funder mandates for performance in data planning, documentation, preservation and sharing in an increasingly complex digital research environment
Research Data Management Training MANTRA

University of Edinburgh

A free online course designed for researchers and students who manage digital data as part of a research project
Fundamentals of Research Data Management

University of Washington

Developed for undergraduate and graduate level. The curriculum has been designed as a series of seven one-hour course modules, based on the NECDMC curriculum. Includes learning objectives, presentations, readings, and exercises
Research Data Management and Sharing

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The University of Edinburgh

A Coursera course providing an introduction to research data management and sharing, e.g., data management needs across the research data lifecycle, best practices in research data management
Data Management Training Resources

UK Data Archive

Companion website for the  handbook  on Managing and Sharing Research Data: a Guide to Good Practice by Louise Corti, Veerle Van den Eynden, Libby Bishop and Matthew Woollard. Contains chapters that are modularised with explanatory text, exercises,  quizzes  and answers. They are primarily geared towards social  scientists,  but are easily adaptable to other disciplines and countries by adding relevant exemplars
RDMRose Learning Materials

University of Leeds
University of Sheffield
University of York

A collaborative project between University of Leeds, University of Sheffield and University of York to provide open educational resources for information profressionals about research data management