Text and Data Mining

Voyant Tools – A web application for performing simple text mining and analysis. You can upload, link to, or copy and paste text documents directly into the web browser. The basic analysis includes a word cloud, word counts, word frequencies, and word trends. [Free]

Rattle – A free, open-source graphical user interface for data mining using R. It presents statistical and visual summaries of data, transforms data so that it can be readily modelled, builds both unsupervised and supervised machine learning models from the data, presents the performance of models graphically, and scores new datasets for deployment into production. Interactions through the graphical user interface are captured as an R script that can be readily executed in R independently of the Rattle interface. [Free]

Orange – A free, open-source graphical user interface for data mining and machine learning using Python. No programming knowledge is necessary, as the visual programming interface allows you to drag-and-drop widgets and connect them up to create your data analysis workflows. [Free]